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Trail Verbier St-Bernard
video Trail Verbier St-Bernard
Trail Verbier St-Bernard
07 July 08 July 2018 Top Event

Trail Verbier St-Bernard

Different level trails over the
St-Bernard countryside and Verbier/ Val de Bagnes


Hôtel A Lârze

2 Nights in Double Room for 2 Persons with Breakfast Buffet CHF 340.00

​Special dinner for the athletes

​Free access to the sauna

With reservation: 

Possibility to have a relax or sportif massage the night before the competition or the next morning during 45 minutes. 

Book now: 

Tel: +41 27 776 17 10


Hôtel & Spa La Vallée ***

Ultra Trail Verbier St-Bernard - Package 2 overnights

Package including: 2 overnights with breakfast, spa access, transfer to start areas in Verbier and La Fouly.

On the occasion of the Ultra Trail Verbier St-Bernard, take advantage of our special offer including: 2 overnights (Fri-Sat), 2 breakfasts (Sat-Sun), spa access and transfer by minibus on Saturday morning to the departure areas of Verbier and La Fouly.

The offer is valid from Friday 6th to Sunday 8th July, 2018.

Book now:

Hôtel de Verbier ***

Single room from  CHF 80.--**

Double room from CHF 100.-**

Night per room with breakfast and tourist taxes included

**: 3 Nights and more

Book now:

Tel: +41 27 775 21 21


Hôtel Mirabeau***

CHF  180.- in double room for two person per night

CHF 165.- per night in double room from two person 

CHF 145.- in single room per night 

CHF 130.-  per night in single room from two night

These prices include breakfast and service

Tourist taxes are CHF 4.- per night and per person 

Book Now:

Tel: +41 27 771 63 35


Hôtel Chalet de Flore****

CHF 200.- room and night (up to two person)

CHF 350.- for 2 nights/rooms (up to two person)

Breakfast at the time of your departure

Book now:

Tel: +41 27 775 33 44 


Hôtel Les Chamois ***

CHf 80.- per person and per night with breakfast

Book now:

Tel: +41 27 771 64 02 


Hôtel L'Ermitage***

CHF 100.- per single room with breakfast and SPA access

CHF 180.- per double room with breakfast and SPA access

Book now:

Tel: +41 27 771 64 77




Le Chable X-Alpine, X-Traversée, Verbier Marathon, Liddes - Verbier
Saturday 6:00 - 7:00 La Fouly X-Traversée
Saturday 09:00-10:30 Liddes

Verbier Marathon

Saturday 11:00-12:30 Liddes Liddes-Verbier
Sunday 09:00 Verbier Trail Découverte (children / free inscription)


X-Alpine Verbier Saturday 01:00 and 04:00
X-Traversée La Fouly Saturday 8:00
Verbier Marathon Liddes Saturday 11:00
Liddes Verbier Liddes Saturday 13:00
Trail Découverte Verbier Sunday from 10:00 to 10:20 (by age groups)

FRIDAY 6th July

14:00 - 20:30 / Le Chable, Espace St Marc
Trail VSB outdoor show with attractive prices for runners.
sponsors, running brands and other Trail events.

17:45 - 18:15 / Le Châble, Espace St Marc
Pre-race briefing (Numbers withreawal will be stopped for 30 min.)

21:00 / Le Châble, Espace St-Marc
closure of the hall.


01:00 ( Verbier, Place de l'Ermitage)
X-Alpine first start

04:00 (Verbier, Place de l'Ermitage)
X-Alpine second start

06:20-10:00 / Champex
Passage of the X-Alpine runners

8:00-16:00 / La Fouly
Start of X-Traversée at 8 a.m.
First X-Alpine runners at about 10:45
Stay to encourage X-Alpine runners
Restaurants in the village

11:15 – 21:15 / Grand-St-Bernard Pass
Passage of the X-Alpine and X-Traversée runners
The place to be for the atmosphere and its amazing landscape. Restaurants and souvenir shops.

11:00 / Liddes
Start of the Verbier Marathon

12:30 – 01:00 / Bourg-St-Pierre
Passage of the X-Alpine and X-Traversée runners

14:00 – 04:45 / Mille
Passage of the runners of every race.

14:45 – 8:00 / Lourtier
Passage of the runners of every race.
Grill party at the Hotel de La Vallée

16:00 up to dawn / La Chaux
Passage of the runners of every race.

16:45 –Verbier, Place de l’Ermitage
1st arrivals of the Traversée and Liddes-Verbier
Trail running show and food all night long.

20:15 / Verbier, Place de l’Ermitage
1st arrivals of the X-Alpine

SUNDAY 8th July

Verbier, Place de l’Ermitage
Animations for children, restauration under the tent up to 14:00

9:00 - 9:45 / Verbier, Place de l’Ermitage
Numbers withdrawal for Trail Découverte (4-14 years old), free subscriptions. Every child will have their own Finisher T-shirt.

09:00 - 10:00 / Verbier, Place de l'Ermitage
Parents-children Zumba warm-up

10:00 – 10:20 / Verbier, Place de l’Ermitage
Start of the Trail Découverte.

10:00 – 12:00 / Verbier, Place de l’Ermitage
Brunch for all, with local products.
Adult CHF 25.-, children (under 12) CHF 1.- per year

11:00 / Verbier, Place de l'Ermitage
Prizes ceremony for Trail Découverte (kids'race).

12:00 / Verbier, Place de l'Ermitage
Prizes ceremony for X-Alpine and X-Traversée.

13:00 Last arrivals of the X-Alpine.
Trail Running show, local products and food under the tent.


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04 Jun 01 Oct
Exhibition of acrylic pen sketches by Ynna Dat The lascivious, elegant and sensual women of Ynna Dat can be seen basking at the restaurant Chez Martin.
04 Jun 27 Aug
Horse riding Lesson in the paddock followed by ride
12 Jun 25 Sep
Wood workshop Handcrafted wood workshop, creation of wooden objects and decorations

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